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Super Bowl Bet
  Bigbobm, Apr 21 2012

I'll cut to the chase as pretty much everything is explained in the video. (First 1:30 explains bets and recaps Super Bowl outcome)

The video is a bit off for the first minute and a half or so, but this is his first video project and it turned out alright.

Video Cliffs:
-I lose super bowl bet
-I get 500 bouncy balls thrown at me with a lacrosse stick
-I need a haircut

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Selling FTP $$
  Bigbobm, Jul 19 2011

Considering selling up to 10k for cash. It's a US acct.

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Busted Main
  Bigbobm, Jul 08 2010

Started the day pretty fantastic. Had Dennis Phillips on my table and a bunch of fish and managed to pick up about 15k in the first 30 minutes before getting set->quads over set by some random. Table broke a few minutes after and got put at a table with Antonio Esfandiari to my left, along with 2 other good online players to his left. Had to tightened up a lot but was just running pretty terrible. Ended up shipping 99 with about 31bb @ 200/400 50 ante level and got snapped by this laggy fish and lost to AJs.

Sorry to disappoint everyone
GL to anyone still left in the main

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